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Norman George Jenkins

NORMAN GEORGE JENKINS Sub-Lt.  RNR  d.4/12/1939   aged 24


NORMAN JENKINS  was a Sub-Lieutenant in the RNR, on the auxiliary patrol yacht, Zaza.  He was the son of Arthur Henry and Elizabeth Jenkins of Folkestone. In the burial records, his address was 81 Chart Road, Folkestone. His parents may well have been Arthur Henry Jenkins and Lizzie (née Lane) who were married at St.Dionis, Parsons Green, Fulham, in 1909. His father originated from the Folkestone area and by 1911 his parents were living at 80 Chart Road, Folkestone. Norman was born in early 1915, and his birth was registered in Elham District, Kent.


It is not known how Norman Jenkins died or even why he came to be buried at St.Mark's.

Researched and written by Paul R Speakman

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